12 March 2018

High Fashion Engagement for Manager

The team congratulates General Manager, Rituka Rimza, who recently was engaged to Nicky Karamchandani. The engagement, in Hindi called ‘Sagai’ or ‘Mangani’, is one of the pre-wedding rituals in India, where two people exchange rings and formally accept each other in front of family and friends. Below is the happily engaged couple.
The engagement was held one day before Rituka’s birthday, so there was another celebration at night after 12am.

The beautiful story begun when these two soul mates met through one of their mutual friends. They shared a good bonding, so the initial few days of friendship were quite enough for them to decide that they could move ahead and turn their friendship into a relationship. After a few meetings with the families, the two were a couple.

Nicky is a professional Fashion Designer, and Rituka is a fashion freak. Isn’t that a perfect combination? 😉 A faithful companion, good understanding and a reliable relationship – what else can anybody need to spend a life in beauty?

RitukaNicky This engagement was one of the most special events in the Rimza family, as Rituka is the youngest and the only sister to her two brothers, Jayant & Vijayant, and now will be married soon. The engagement party was organized at Hotel Bee Town in Indore, where friends and families gathered to celebrate the auspicious occasion. After the ring ceremony, Rituka and Nicky cut the engagement cake. Both the families exchanged gifts, best wishes and blessed the beautiful couple.

The team congratulates Rituka and Nicky and wishes them the best of luck for the future.

I hope to be back here in the future with the most exciting stuff from their wedding. Stay tuned!

Dipti Francis
Executive Assistant Business Solutions