03 November 2017

Kanban Task Manager SharePoint Editions with Checklists and Time Logging

Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint logotype I am happy to announce the release of the Kanban Task Manager SharePoint editions. In the new version, we have added several features that have been suggested by customers.

Kanban board with task cards
Kanban Task Manager adds a kanban board to SharePoint. Here all open tasks are represented by color coded cards, that can be dragged and dropped between the board's phases and lanes.

The cards can be searched and filtered in multiple ways, and each user can also have a "My Tasks" embedding on any SharePoint page. The demo below shows the sandboxed solution, but the add-in has nearly the same features.

Suggest, and we will do our best!
It is always a pleasure to hear comments from users of the products. People who handle our products on a daily basis know what can be enhanced, and we always listen to them. Then it is our job to find the technical solutions needed to make the suggestions real. We like such challenges, and I enjoy our discussions in the developer group!

We try to keep the additions free of extra charge for the customers who suggest them, but when the new feature that is time consuming to develop, we often ask for a sponsorship.

Time logging
Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint time logging Current users have also requested a possibility to register how long time has been spent on each task, just like they can do for tickets in our issue tracking products HelpDesk OSP and Folder HelpDesk.

A time logging feature has therefore been added to the next version, and it is managed in the same way as the subtasks: in the open task or in the details pane.

Each user enters the minutes he or she spent on the task, and the minutes for each entry are automatically added up and converted into hours. The hours per task, phase and responsible can then be studied in the Kanban Task Manager statistics.

A much requested feature among users has been a possibility to divide tasks into multiple to-do actions. When you get a task that requires multiple steps, it is helpful to list those steps and cross them out as work with the task proceeds. For simple tasks, you can just skip this procedure when it is not needed.

It has not been easy, but now we are happy to introduce a checklist for each task, where users can enter the steps needed to complete the task. The checklist can be managed in the open task or in the details pane, which opens when you right click on a task card on the kanban board.

Enable or skip
Both new features, checklists and time logging, must be enabled in the Kanban Task Manager settings before they can be used. Work groups that want to have a simpler task form and details pane can simply choose to not activate them.

Default values
The new version of Kanban Task Manager has default values for five of the fields in the task form: Responsible, Start Date, Due Date, Project and Priority.  These default values can of course be changed in the settings. We will soon release a demo that explains the default values, but it is already explained in detail in the manual.

One installation per team
A subscription to  Kanban Task Manager allows an unlimited number of installations, and most organizations select to install the product on multiple sites, to be used by different teams. That way each team can configure their Kanban Task Manager in the manner that is most efficient to them. With a common top navigation, managers can easily have an overview over how projects proceed in the various teams.

Upgrade upgrade iconUpgrades are always included in the Kanban Task Manager Subscription, and we recommend current subscribers are welcome to upgrade their installations.

Try download iconKanban Task Manager has a free trial period of 30 days. Please download and evaluate the product if you need a good way to manage tasks and projects!

The Kanban Task Manager SharePoint Add-in has also been updated, but it takes a few days before Microsoft has approved it for SharePoint Store. In the meantime, you can always download the latest version of the add-in from the website.

By Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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