30 August 2017

Enhanced Categorization In Kanban Task Manager SharePoint Editions

Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint logotypeToday I am happy to announce that the two SharePoint editions of Kanban Task Manager have been updated. The new versions make it easier to customize the kanban board and to keep and share filtered views.

Task Management in SharePoint and/or Outlook
Kanban Task Manager builds on the traditional idea with a kanban board where task cards are moved between phases as work proceeds, and it is our most popular standard solution. We have workgroup editions for SharePoint and Outlook and also a single add-in for Outlook tasks. The demo below shows the SharePoint sandboxed solution.

The physical kanban board normally has only one project, but the Kanban Task Manager board can show tasks from many projects. You can also group the cards in horizontal lanes.

In the new version, the captions "Project" and "Lane" can be changed into anything else in the settings. This enhancement was requested by a subscriber who wanted to use other words that better suits their organization, and we were of course happy to add it for them. To prioritize bigger enhancements we sometimes request a sponsorship, but this was done without any cost for the customer.

Now, maybe some users only want to see the "projects" they are working with? In that case, it is easy to filter the kanban board that way, and the filter is kept when the browser is restarted or the page is refreshed.

Such a filtered view has its own URL, so it can be shared and bookmarked like all other web pages. Users can for example send their filtered kanban boards to a manager, as a progress report.

Upgrade upgrade iconCurrent subscribers are welcome to upgrade their Kanban Task Manager installations without any extra costs. Upgrades are always included in the Subscriptions, and we recommend subscribers to always use the latest version.

Try download iconThe SharePoint editions of Kanban Task Manager have a free trial period of 30 days. The sandboxed solution is downloaded from the website, and the add-in can also be downloaded from

The add-in can also be downloaded from Microsoft's SharePoint Store, but then you may have to wait a few days for the latest version. As we don't control SharePoint Store ourselves, we have to wait for Microsoft's review, but they are usually rather quick.

Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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