25 July 2017

India Beats Record To Fight Climate Change

Today, our new Executive Assistant, Dipti Francis, will tell you about an historic tree planting campaign that was held this month in India:

Planting a tree is a looking-forward action, because if we plant a tree today, we are saving the nature and the environment for future generations. It is a social responsibility anyone can take to save the earth. As said by John Keats: “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”, and such beauty are trees. That is why we must grow more and more trees, so that the beauty of our nature lasts forever.

Initiative to save Mother Earth
An environmental campaign was driven on Sunday 3rd July 2017 by more than 1.5 million Indian volunteers. They planted over 66.3 million saplings in 12 hours along the Narmada River in the central state of Madhya Pradesh.

The campaign was organized by the Madhya Pradesh government. The 24 best planting sites of the Narmada River basin were chosen to increase the chances of saplings’ survival, and the volunteers planted 20 different species of trees.
Indian tree planting record
Historic Day for India 
According to Guinness World Records, this was the second record set by India in planting trees. Volunteers from children to elders participated in the Sunday campaign. State Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan described the efforts as “Historic Day”.

The motive of the campaign was not only to preserve the state or country but the world at large, because everything we have comes from nature. Plants give us fresh air and water, so without trees we cannot survive.

The team congratulates the Indian volunteers for taking such a beautiful initiative and showing extraordinary efforts to save our earth. We wish all of them, best of luck for their future campaigns.

Dipti FrancisI want to conclude this post with a very simple request: let each one of us understand our responsibility to preserve the beauty of nature and start this from our personal level. Let us try to plant at least one tree whenever and wherever we can, so that our coming generations can experience the beauty and benefits of our Mother Earth. It is a small thing that makes a difference.
Dipti Francis
Executive Assistant Business Solutions

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