20 July 2016

New Senior Developer For Services

Today I am happy to introduce Mohammad Nadeem, Senior .NET Developer. Mohammad Nadeem joined the team in April, and he has proved to be a valuable team member. So far he has mostly worked with custom projects, but he will of course be included in the development of our standard SharePoint and Outlook products too. Here is his presentation:
Nadeem Ansari
During my eight years of extensive IT experience in .NET based enterprise and web applications, I have successfully deployed a wide range of high performance, cutting edge solutions to end customers with state of art.

I joined the team because I enjoy working with new ideas and concepts and wanted to learn more about the latest technologies, like PowerShell and SharePoint.

My work is my hobby, but apart from that I am a certified gym trainer and I play football and cricket. Some people call me a fitness freak! Like many other developers I find chess, open world HD video games and brain teasing puzzles fascinating, but I am also interested in poetry.

My favorite poetry line is "Kar buland khud ko itna ki khuda khud bandey se puche bata teri raja kya hai" (Raise yourself to such a level that God will ask you what you wish.) These words by Muhammad Iqbal guide me in life. I want to become a successful, well known person, not by earning a lot of money but by blessings from people I can help.
Nadeem Ansari
Together with some friends I have formed a group that performs voluntary social work. I believe that we live not for ourselves but for others. All people deserve equal rights, and I have always wanted to help those who are poor.

Ever since I did my engineering in Computer Science at the RGPV University, I have understood that I have strong interpersonal skills. I also know that I can come up with creative solutions to problems, something that is highly appreciated in my kind of work.

I think those qualities have helped me fit well into the team, and I am looking forward to conquer any future challenges together with my new work mates.

Mohammad Nadeem Ansari
Senior .NET Developer Business Solutions

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