03 June 2016

Outlook HelpDesk With Kanban, Month And Pie Views

Folder HelpDesk logo Folder HelpDesk for Outlook V14 has been released! The new version can visualize support tickets in three colorful HTML views: kanban board, month and pie chart.

Mature add-in
Folder HelpDesk for Outlook was one of my first Outlook add-ins, created for a Swedish company more than 15 years ago. Soon after that I made Folder HelpDesk a standard product, and today companies and organizations all over the world use Folder HelpDesk to keep track of issues and support cases.

Tickets list in Outlook
Folder HelpDesk has a lot of useful features and can be highly customized, but the base is the ticket list in Outlook. When you install Folder HelpDeskin a shared mailbox or public folder, a team can cooperate on the tickets. These are created directly by team members, converted from e-mails or fetched from a web form. The demo below gives a general introduction to Folder HelpDesk.

Multiple views
Users can see the tickets in various ways. They can group the tickets by one of the ticket parameters, for example Caller, Responsible or Status, and have colorful overviews in the kanban, month or pie chart views.

The Month view can be displayed as a timeline or as a calendar. The image above shows the timeline. Both the timeline and the calendar show the tickets as time slots from start to due date, and the slots are color coded by either incident type or responsible.
Folder HelpDesk for Outlook Month view

In the Pie view, each incident type is represented by a pie chart, and each slice shows a status value. The size of the slice depends on how many tickets have this incident type and status.
Folder HelpDesk for Outlook Pie view
In the kanban view the tickets are displayed as color coded cards on a kanban board, where each status value is visualized as a phase. The tickets can be dragged and dropped from one phase to another, and the status value will be changed automatically. If you have added a custom field to the ticket form, the tickets can be grouped in lanes by this custom parameter.

Kanban Task Manager features
Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint logotypeSome of my readers have probably recognized the new views in Folder HelpDesk, because they are nearly the same as in Kanban Task Manager. Thus the developers did not have to "invent the wheel" again, as they could reuse much of the code from our project and task management solution for Outlook and SharePoint.

Upgrade upgrade iconSubscribers are welcome to upgrade Folder HelpDesk without any extra costs, and I recommend you to do it. The new views will give users an enhanced experience when working with Folder HelpDesk.

Try Folder HelpDesk download icon If you need a good issue tracking tool for Outlook and Exchange, I recommend you to download and try Folder HelpDesk . Please contact us if you have questions. Your e-mail will be well received!

Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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