25 April 2016

TimeCard for Outlook With SharePoint Connection

TimeCard for Outlook logotypeTimeCard Workgroup for Outlook was one of my first products, and there are still organizations who have been with us from the start!

With version 6, which has been released today, we have taken TimeCard for Outlook a big step forward by making it compatible with the SharePoint version. People can use the version they prefer at each occasion, and with the mobile app they can tag time slots with parameters like project, customer and/or task in their tablets and mobiles.

No double entries
TimeCard for SharePoint logotypeWith TimeCard, users tag appointments/events in their Outlook or SharePoint calendars, where they of course also plan their time, and they report directly from the calendar. The tags are set globally, so users only have to select the appropriate tag values from dropdowns in the appointments or events.

Use both versions
The Medium and Premium subscriptions allow use of both TimeCard versions, so if you select SharePoint as reporting medium instead of the traditional database, users can switch between Outlook and SharePoint as they please.  The calendars in Outlook and SharePoint synchronize when the user is online.

TimeCard Mobile
TimeCard for SharePoint logotypeIncluded in TimeCard for SharePoint is a mobile app for SharePoint Online and Android, iOS or Windows devices, and when you connect TimeCard for Outlook to SharePoint Online the synchronization goes all the way to the mobile app. That way users can tag appointments/events with time reporting info in their mobile devices when out of office and then report from their Outlook calendars.

Upgrade upgrade iconCurrent Medium and Premium subscribers are welcome to upgrade their installations. If your organization only uses the Outlook version today, you can easily upgrade the subscription. The fee for the Medium subscription is just a little bit higher than the minimum level. Please contact us!

Try TimeCard
TimeCard evaluation icon I recommend you to try TimeCard if your organization needs a simple but efficient tool for time tracking and reporting. As TimeCard is a mature product it has many useful features, like Excel reports, statistics, planning information and report on behalf of.

Maybe you will end up saying like one of our long time customers: "We have loved TimeCard and for 12 years!"
By Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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