02 March 2016

Mobile App for SharePoint Tasks Released

ShareTask iconToday I am happy to announce the release of a new App: ShareTask. Many users of our SharePoint products have asked for such an app, to be able to work with SharePoint tasks in their smart devices and still have a user friendly interface.

App fetches your tasks lists
The ShareTask App connects to a SharePoint Online site and fetches all lists that are built on the Tasks, Issue Tracking or KTM Tasks templates. Select one of them, and the open tasks in that list are displayed in your smartphone or tablet.

With a few finger taps you can add, edit and complete tasks, change their status and priority, add comments and assign tasks to users or groups. Everything is of course synchronized with the SharePoint site. ShareTask supports Windows Phone, Android and iOS.

Sandboxed Solution fixes the connection
To make the ShareTask App as easy as possible to use, we have selected to combine it with a Sandboxed SharePoint Solution that manages everything around the connection and synchronization to SharePoint.

This means that app users only have to log into a SharePoint site that has one or more list they want to use in their smart devices. The ShareTask Sandboxed Solution takes care of the rest!

Free app
Each user must of course get the ShareTask App to his/her smartphone or tablet from an app store, and to make this process as smooth as possible the app is free of charge.

Instead we are charging the ShareTask Sandboxed Solution a subscription fee. This way the payment can be handled for the whole organization once a year or once a month. There is no limit to the number of installations or users, and support and upgrades are of course included in the subscription.

Try it! download iconEven if we considered what Subscribers might need when we decided to develop ShareTask, it is an independent product. It does not require anything more than a smart device, SharePoint Online and an internet connection. I hope you want to try it. Download the ShareTask Sandboxed Solution from to make everything ready for the app!

Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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