06 January 2016

Peace And Positive Energy In Anand Sagar

Jitu and son in Anand Sagar If you subscribe to a product, you have probably met our Support Lead Jitu Patidar in a chat or e-mail.

Today you will meet Jitu in another role: as a travel guide. He will tell us about his visit to Anand Sagar in the Indian city of Shegaon. Anand Sagar is a spiritual place with a meditation centre, temples and play grounds, and everything is decorated with artefacts and carvings.
Sai-Baba statue in Anand Sagar
Here is Jitu’s story:
I first heard about Anand Sagar a couple of years ago from one of my relatives, who had visited this Siddh Kshetra, (gateway to the state of enlightenment). Jitu's wife at Anand Sagar I believe in meditation and spirituality from when I was 12-15 years old, so I was excited at my visit to Shegaon. Meditation is the methodology of the science of awareness.

I went to Anand Sagar with my wife Rashmi and our son Jashith. Rashmi’s younger sister and her family also joined us for this holiday trip, and we all stayed in Anand Vihar, which belongs to the same trust, Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan, as Anand Sagar.
Buildings in Anand Sagar
Anand Vihar is a large residential place divided into several similar blocks. It is very clean and a great place to stay, and there are several volunteers who take very well care of all devotees. Even if there are several rooms in a single block, you can feel a great silence at the campus.
Indian peacock statue
From Anand Vihar we had just a short way to Anand Sagar, which surrounds a big lake and has extensive gardens with statues of Hindu Gods. We found the artworks really stunning and creative, and we also enjoyed the lovely the nature in Anand Sagar.

Jitu and son in Anand SagarWhile we grown-ups revelled in the serenity and beauty of Anand Sagar, Jashith especially liked the kids’ zone, where he had fun with his cousin.

As we had to walk a lot to see the whole Anand Sagar, the children appreciated that we also could travel in a small train. It took us to a forest with very realistic animal statues that the boys found thrilling to watch.

Finally we walked for around two kilometers around the lake to reach a meditation centre situated on an island in the lake. Now, after feeling the real nature beauty outside, it was time to feel the inner beauty. There is a great silence inside the meditation centre. You can feel a real positive energy there, and we felt revived and reverent.
The Anand Sagar meditation centre
The journey to Anand Sagar was a fascinating experience, and the memories and photos will brighten everyday life for a long time to come. I hope I also brought some of that positive energy I felt back to Indore and the office. Maybe it will even come across in support e-mails and chats?

By Jitu Patidar
Senior Developer and Support Lead Business Solutions

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