23 November 2015 Lead QA Gets Married

Peter and Vijayant Vijayant Rimza, our Lead QA, will marry in the beginning of December. I will attend the wedding, of course, so I will soon be leaving Sweden for India.

Technical expert
Vijayant has been with for nearly five years, and he has a deep knowledge of our products and the Office and SharePoint platforms they build on. Therefore he is not only a skilled tester but also a technical all-round expert who can take care of most tasks at the office. Now he is going to be married to his fiancée Monika, and I am really looking forward to meeting them both.

Vijayant and his future bride are Hindus, and Hindu weddings often have many ceremonies. This past weekend the families celebrated Lagun, which is held 15-20 days before the main wedding day. After the Lagun everyone gives special attention to the bride and groom.

At the Lagun ceremony the bride’s family declares in front of their relatives that their daughter is getting married. A priest writes a beautifully adorned letter confirming the wedding plans, and that letter is then read aloud by a priest at a ceremony in the groom's home. In the photo below, Vijayant is sitting at the priest's side while he is reading.
Lagun ceremony
The second ceremony will take place next week. At this occasion family members apply a paste made of turmeric, sandal wood powder and rose water on the skin of the bride and groom, so that it will look sparkling on their wedding day.

After the Haldi ceremony the couple cannot meet until the wedding day, according to tradition, but I have heard that many couples sneak around and make memories :-)

The ceremonies continue, and I will tell you more when I come to India. Vijayant's sister, Rituka, have helped me with information and the photo for this blog post, and I will rely on her for the future wedding reports also.

Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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