08 September 2015

SharePoint Study Manager Updated

Study Manager for SharePoint logotypeOur youngest solution, Study Manager for SharePoint, has been on the market for nearly six months now. Today the first update has been released, and its two enhancements were inspired by current users.

Study Manager
Study Manager helps teachers to create and manage self study material – texts, sound, images, videos, links – in SharePoint. Their students work online with exercises that contain various tasks to solve. When one task is solved, they click on a Next button to reach the next task of that exercise.
Study Manager exercise

Suggestions after practical use
When Subscribers suggest enhancements we always listen carefully, because people who use our products often have good ideas on how to make them work even better.

Today's update has come after a teacher contacted us about a problem in Study Manager: when students stop their work in the middle of an exercise, they have to start from scratch next time and do the first tasks again. Teachers decide how many tasks they want to add to each exercise, and this teacher had created exercises with many tasks.

Elegant solution
The teacher wanted a way for the students to save their work when they had to break an exercise, but the developers found a better solution. Now the work is saved to the statistics automatically each time a student clicks on the Next button to reach next task, so Study Manager will know that these tasks are already done and not show them again.

With this solution the students do not have to take any extra steps to save their work, in case they need to stop before the exercise has been finished.
SharePoint icon
Handles long URLs
The other enhancement in the new version is that Study Manager now handles very long URLs. When the link is more than 255 characters Study Manager will shorten it in the same way as you might have seen on Twitter.

Upgrade Study Manager
Free upgrades are always included in the download iconSubscriptions, and we recommend current users to upgrade. Your students will have a better experience with the new Next button auto-save.

Try Study Manager
Do you want to create a SharePoint learning center? Do your students want to study from home, or are they in another location? Study Manager is suitable for schools, businesses, yes, any organization that uses SharePoint and needs to educate students or employees. download icon You are welcome to try Study Manager for 30 days without any costs or obligations. Install Study Manager in a new SharePoint site collection, and it will become a center for learning, cooperation and discussion.

By Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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