30 September 2015

Free Mobile App for SharePoint Time Tracking Solution

TimeCard for SharePoint logotypeToday I am happy to announce the release of TimeCard for SharePoint Mobile, or just TimeCard Mobile. This new app works with the latest version of TimeCard for SharePoint.

Time tracking with TimeCard
With TimeCard you can tag your calendar events with time reporting data and thus transform them into time cards. When it is time to report time, you can just report your tagged events directly from the calendar.

SharePoint version for people on the run
TimeCard has three versions: workgroup versions for Outlook and SharePoint and a Single version for Outlook. The SharePoint version is preferred by distributed teams and people who often work away from the office, as the calendar where they plan and report their time can be reached from everywhere via the internet.

Mobile user interface
But even if you can reach your TimeCard for SharePoint calendar and work with it in a browser, the SharePoint  calendar is not adapted to small screens. Therefore we have now released TimeCard Mobile.

TimeCard for SharePoint logotype TimeCard Mobile takes the information from the TimeCard for SharePoint calendar and displays it in a mobile friendly user interface. That way, users can tag events with time reporting information in smart devices that synchronize with the TimeCard for SharePoint calendar. Tag values and other global and personal settings are fetched from TimeCard for SharePoint.

Developer description
Our Mobile App Developer Madhur Trivedi wrote a blog post about TimeCard Mobile when it was coming together. He was a bit optimistic about the time frame, but I guess you need to be an optimist to be a good developer! After all, we create software that has never been created before, and in the process we encounter a lot of problems that must be solved.
Three operating systems
TimeCard Mobile can be downloaded from Windows Store (Windows Mobile devices), Play Store (Android devices), or iTunes (iOS devices). The app is free, as we consider TimeCard Mobile an enhancement of TimeCard for SharePoint that subscribers contribute to with their subscription fees. The Solutions are continuously updated, and TimeCard Mobile is just one new feature of many.

So, if you are using TimeCard for SharePoint, visit your app store and try TimeCard Mobile! I am sure you will like it, but as usual I welcome all comments.

By Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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