14 July 2015

Carnegie Mellon, USA, Admits Developer

Rahul Somani image The team members are highly qualified, something that our customers are well aware of and appreciate. Therefore I was happy but not surprised when one of our developers was admitted to the high-ranked U.S. research university Carnegie Mellon. My warm congratulations, Rahul Somani!

Project oriented studies
From August Rahul will follow the Master of Science in Information Technology e-Business Program at the Carnegie Mellon University. His studies at Carnegie Mellon will be project oriented.
Carnegie Mellon logo
Instead of traditional lectures, student teams develop solutions to business problems using the latest information technologies, and they are evaluated on the deliverables they produce, not on test scores. I am sure this will suit Rahul perfectly.

Rahul is eager to learn, so he has taken many courses above his degree in Computer Science and Engineering, for example Microsoft certifications for SQL Server and ASP.NET. He has also completed the well-known Infosys Mysore Training. However, the projects he has worked with were also very important for his admission to Carnegie Mellon.

Qualifying work
To qualify for the program Rahul submitted several projects that show his capacity to work in a constructive way with advanced technologies like SharePoint, JavaScript, ASP.NET, SQL Server, C# and XSLT.

Calendar Browser for SharePoint logoWe have recently released a SharePoint version of Calendar Browser, the resource booking solution, and Rahul played an important role in the development. Calendar Browser for SharePoint was therefore one of the projects he submitted to Carnegie Mellon.

The team members in Indore celebrated Rahul's success with a dinner and an outing to the Jayanti Devi Temple. selfie image
Of course everyone wanted to take the opportunity to have a selfie with their soon absent team mate.

I could not come this time, but together with Kate and Sigge I wish Rahul Somani a wonderful stay in the U.S. We hope it will be everything you dream of!

Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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