04 June 2015

Outlook Kanban Task Manager For Lots Of Tasks

Kanban Task Manager for Outlook logotypeWe have released a minor update of Kanban Task Manager for Outlook to enhance the experience for users with a huge number of tasks. Thanks to our Support Lead, a customer with problems had help quickly, and all users will have a new version.

Faster Outlook startup
The update of Kanban Task Manager came after a subscriber complained that the earlier version slowed down the Outlook startup. The Support Lead, Senior Developer Jitu Patidar, found that this organization had a huge number of tasks on the virtual kanban board, and that was the reason for the sluggish Outlook start.

Jitu researched the problem and changed the Kanban Task Manager code so that Outlook now works fast again even for this customer with so many tasks. To avoid that other subscribers get the same issue, he wanted to release the new version for all.

For many users
Both the Outlook and the SharePoint versions of Kanban Task Manager are popular Solutions, and several of the subscribing organizations have many users. This is how we intend the solution to work, and soon after the first release  in 2012 we published a blog post on how we had prepared Kanban Task Manager for Outlook for use in big organizations. Therefore, it is  important to us to quickly correct any issues.
Jitendra Patidar photo Ankit Raghuvanshi image Arpeet Gujarathi image Jayant Rimza image           

Developers in the support
When you contact the support, your case is taken care of by a developer directly.
This way customers get qualified assistance without delays, and the developers learn to understand how our products are used and what customers need.

The new Kanban Task Manager release is a good example of the benefits of this system. The responsible developer does not have to rely on a report from a first line support worker. Instead he (currently all our developers are men) has a direct contact with the caller, and our customers appreciate our qualified support highly.

Upgrade! upgrade icon Subscribers have free upgrades, and if your team uses Kanban Task Manager for Outlook with a lot of different projects and tasks, I recommend you to upgrade your installations.

Try Kanban Task Manager download iconKanban Task Manager for Outlook is installed on each PC where it should be used, and the tasks are shared via a database or SharePoint. The tasks are regular Outlook tasks with extra dropdowns for selection of project and responsible.

Does it sound interesting to your organization? Please watch the demo above to learn more – and there is much more documentation on the website.

We allow a 30 days free trial of Kanban Task Manager, so you are welcome to download the add-in. During the evaluation period our developers give the same high level of support services as when you subscribe to one of our products, and you are always welcome to contact them.

By Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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