08 June 2015

Office 365 In New Tutorial Series

 Office 365 logo Do you want to learn more about Office 365? If the answer is 'Yes', you are welcome to follow the new tutorial series on Office 365 in the Tips section.

Web based Office
Office 365 is the web based version of Microsoft Office, which is delivered to the users through the cloud. Office 365 includes Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Lync Online and web-based versions of the traditional Microsoft Office applications.

Supported by
All Solutions work with Office 365, so we have decided to give a closer exposure of Office 365 to our subscribers. Now after releasing Excel 2016 from Scratch, we are back with a new series: Office 365 from Scratch. The course is however suitable for everyone who wants to learn more about Office 365. banner

Office 365 from Scratch
I call the series Office 365 from Scratch, because I begin with the very basics: Office 365 setup, sign in, add users and install Office 365 pro plus. Then I continue with descriptions of the Office 365 features.

Study step by step
The Tips section contains many demos and articles. Most of them do not directly concern to the Solutions, but they might still be useful to our subscribers. They have often been created after requests from subscribers, so they are not assembled in an organized order.

The Office 365 from Scratch tutorials, on the other hand, are ordered from basic to advanced, so that new beginners can follow the series. If you are already using Office 365 but you want to have a better understanding of Microsoft’s cloud platform, you can browse among the articles and study what suits you best.

Easy navigation
To give a better understanding, the Office 365 from Scratch tutorials include both articles and demos. Each article describes the content of the demo, and some of them have step by step instructions.

For an easy navigation, the bottom of each article page contains arrows that link backward to the previous and forward to the next article. Some of the demos and articles have been launched, and now it is time to take a tour.

You are most welcome to share your thoughts and comments on the Office 365 from Scratch tutorials. Subscribers may also suggest articles to be added to the Tips section, and we will do our best to create them.

By Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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