31 March 2015

Excel 2016 In New Tips Series

Excel 2016 iconThe Excel 2016 Preview is out, so I chose to use it for a new Excel course in the Tips section. As there are only minor changes compared to earlier Excel versions, this course is suitable for everyone who wants to learn more about Excel.

Popular Tips section
We already have many demos and articles in the Tips section, but they are not arranged in a study order. Instead they have often been created after requests from subscribers to the Solutions, to help them solve a problem.

Now I have decided to make some more structured tutorial series on Microsoft's new 2016 platforms, and first out is Excel 2016. I use the IT Pro and Developer version of Office 2016 for the video demonstrations. The tutorials are however suitable for everyone who wants to understand Excel better, as the differences between Excel 2016 and 2013 or even 2010 are negligible. banner
Excel 2016 from Scratch
I call the series "Excel 2016 from Scratch", because I begin with the very basics: workbook, sheet, columns, rows, cell names. But after that I start using Excel in the way it should be used to really shine - I calculate, in this case on the costs for owning a house.

There are in total 51 tutorials so far, so beside formulas for calculation I have time to cover charts, cell formatting and much more. I hope that the more advanced parts will be useful not only to new beginners who have studied the earlier tutorials but also to people who already use Excel but want to learn more.

Tips articles and extras
Each one of the video demonstrations will have its own article in the Tips section, where the content of the video is listed and described. Some of these articles will also have extra material in the form of downloadable Excel files to practice on.

next iconSo far ten of the video demonstrations have been edited and published, and ten Tips articles have been written. Each article has a direct link to the previous and next articles in the series, so it is easy to navigate among them.

I have added the first demo to this blog post but I recommend you to instead watch the Excel 2016 from Scratch introduction demo in the first Tips article. Then you can follow the series from there.

New articles will be released each day, and we hope to get another ten ready for you this week. Welcome to learn about the wonders of Excel!

By Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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