03 March 2015

Enhance SharePoint Landing Page With Tips

SharePoint iconIn SharePoint 2013 the default view pages only show three links. To reach more links you have to click on an ellipsis. If you have several links on a page, you can create your own landing page that gives a better overview over the links. In a new tutorial I show how to create such a SharePoint landing page.

Combine Tips
The Tips section now has 58 SharePoint tutorials. Most of them are short and uncomplicated and show how to do one or a few things in SharePoint, so if you are new to SharePoint you will find it useful to watch several of them and combine the tips you get.

The new tutorial is of the short and simple kind. I show how to add a new page to SharePoint, how to add links to it and how to change the Quick Launch link so that it points to the new landing page instead of the old page with only three visible links. The result is fully functional – but plain.

However, if you combine this article with other tips, you can make the landing page look more appealing. In my SharePoint Links series I don't only explain different kinds of SharePoint links. I also show how to create and link different kinds of images, for example promotional tiles like the one on the default SharePoint team sites or images with clickable regions. Such images can be very catching on a landing page.

Combine SolutionsKBase icon
Just like you can combine Tips, you can combine our products. Several of them are even created to be combined, even if all can be used separately.

Folder HelpDesk for Outlook
 should be used with KBase for Outlook;to reach its full potential, SP Archive for SharePoint iconand we have created SP Archive for use with the SharePoint Solutions HelpDesk OSPKanban Task Manager for SharePoint and TimeCard for SharePoint.

The combinations are popular among subscribers, and we license them on favorable terms with our Medium subscription. For just a small extra amount compared to the Minimum subscription, organizations can use several Solutions instead of just one.

We will continue to produce Tips articles that can be combined into a source of knowledge and to develop software that will make work more efficient in many companies and organizations. I will soon come back to you with news of releases!
By Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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