03 February 2015

Indian Traditional Wedding For Office Manager

Today our Sales and Marketing Assistant Rituka Rimza will tell you about a traditional Hindu wedding.

Vipul and Deepti's wedding ceremony The team had an occasion of joy when one of our colleagues, Office Manager Vipul Dindulkar recently married Deepti Mokate. She has completed her masters in commerce and right now she is working as an interior designer.

I could not join Vipul’s wedding party, and therefore it is a special pleasure for me to write this blog post. This way I learned more about the marriage even if I was not there, when I was talking to my workmates about the marriage ceremony.

Multiday Wedding
Indian weddings are multiday functions that involve many ceremonies, rich in color, tradition and culture.

In the oldest sacred Vedas texts of Hinduism it is written: “A Hindu man does not become his complete self unless he is married and has the support of his wife.”

In Indian weddings the red color is the symbol of good luck. With the red saari or lehenga it is necessary to wear red colored ornaments for wedding purposes. Deepti wore a red sari heavily embroidered with golden threads and red bangles.

Deepti loves simplicity, and she avoids too much makeup and ornaments. She believes in real beauty, and that makes her more beautiful.

Varmala ritual
Varmala or Jaimala, is an important religious ritual that takes place when the groom arrives to the venue. Vipul and Deepti with the garlands
Here the bride and groom exchange garlands and the guests throw flowers and rose petals on them to wish them good luck. In the photo above Vipul is putting his garland around Deepti’s neck, and to the right you see them in their beautiful garlands.

Saat Phere or Seven Vows
The most significant ritual, that completes the wedding, is Seven Vows, or Saat Phere in Hindi. In the seven vows ritual the couple takes seven rounds of a holy fire, and every round has its own significance. With every round both bride and groom pray to God and make one promise to each other.

These were the vows given by Vipul and Deepti:
  1. Vipul promised Deepti that he would take care of her and provide food, and Deepti promised to share these responsibilities and help him in every possible way.
    Vipul and Deepti's Vovs ceremony
  2. Vipul and Deepti promised each other to be loyal and faithful.
  3. Vipul promised Deepti that he would work hard to bring wealth and prosperity into the house, and Deepti promised that she would take care of his family like it was her own family.
  4. Vipul and Deepti promised to support each other at every hard stage of life and share each other’s happiness.
  5. Vipul thanked Deepti for completing his life and making it beautiful, and Deepti promised Vipul that she will take part in all festivals and rituals alongside Vipul’s family.
  6. Vipul and Deepti prayed to God for beautiful, heroic and noble children and promised each other to be responsible parents and provide the children a good education.
  7. In the last round Vipul and Deepti promised each other to be a faithful companions and live their life with love, friendship and mutual trust.
After that Vipul and Deepti legally became husband and wife.

Sketch Artist Sketch Artist
At the wedding party an eye catching person was Mr. Purushottam Bhatkar. He is Vipul’s friend and a polished sketch artist. In the left photograph he is making a sketch of our Lead QA Engineer Vijayant Rimza. It is incredible that he made that sketch in just 10 minutes.

Mr. Bhatkar is a craftsman too. Right now, Mr. Bhatkar and his team is creating a wooden Khajuraho temple. After completion it will be shipped to New York. Team
The kalmstrom team is like a family, where we share and cheer each other’s happiness. The wedding day was of course very special for Vipul, and the rest of the team was present to give the couple their best wishes.

The best quality of our team is that we work together like building blocks. Every one helps others to move ahead, and this quality comes with sparkles in Vipul. He is a good team builder and he manages lots of things around the office. We all wish him and his new wife a happy married life!

kalmstrom family

Rituka Rimza
Sales and Marketing Assistant​​ Business Solutions

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