11 February 2015

Enhanced Customer Care

Today’s blogger, Rituka Rimza, is the sister of my Indian partners Jayant and Vijayant Rimza. I had met Rituka in their home and at team events, and when she did her internship at the office I understood that she is as intelligent and hard-working as her brothers.

I therefore offered Rituka to stay and work part time after the internship, and from the beginning of January she joined the team as a full time employee. Rituka’s main responsibility will be sales and customer care, but she will also assist in marketing and documentation. Here is her story:

Before introducing myself, I want to thank Peter and Kate for letting me use this platform to introduce myself to you.

Rituka Rimza When I was studying in higher secondary school there were lots of fun events in my annual school function, and I was leading some of them. The results of my leadership were appreciated, so during that time I realized that I am interested in management and leadership.

Therefore I decided to continue my studies in the management field. So far I have completed my Bachelor of Business Administration degree from a reputed university of Indore, India. Right now I am pursuing Master of Business Administration with E - Commerce stream at the same university, and I will complete my MBA degree within six months.

While pursuing my Master degree, I decided to polish myself with some additional skills. I had training in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing, and after that I wanted to enhance my skills by working with Business Solutions. I applied and got the opportunity.

From Trainee to Sales and Marketing Assistant
In June 2014 I started my training at as a Technical Writer. I am cooperating closely with Kate Kalmstrom. She has more than 35 years of writing experience, and she has taught me how to make content attractive and meaningful and how to present it in an appealing way. It was a very big day for me when Kate offered me to join the team after the training period and said she liked to cooperate with me.
Rituka at office
After six months of training I am now continuing with the team as an employee. Kate thought I can handle the sales and marketing responsibilities too and gave me a new title: Sales and Marketing Assistant.

Now the biggest challenge for me is to meet Kate's expectations, and my next step will be to manage things more independently and reach the title, Sales and Marketing Manager. But before that there are lots of things for me to learn and improve.

Personal Opinion
It is a wonderful and completely different experience to work with Business Solutions. Here I have learned many new things and had a chance to work with different products and new technologies.

I am grateful to Kate Kalmstrom because she deemed me worthy and believe in me. Kate has been a teacher too, and this makes cooperation between us very smooth even though we communicate virtually. She explains everything thoroughly. I believe her guidance will brighten my future and assist me in making me perfect and exploring new heights in my field.

Working with is not easy, because you must be very versatile. There have been lots of challenges for me, for example writing about products which are completely new to me, making video demonstrations, managing social media marketing and the sales e-mails and adding text and images to the website with HTML coding.

Study Manager
Study Manager for SharePoint logotype I worked on many already existing Solutions. Soon I also got a chance to work with a brand new product for teacher controlled self-studies in SharePoint, Study Manager. I have taken part in its development from the first quotation to the sponsor to example data and manual, and I am looking forward to start marketing and selling it. I hope my efforts will be beneficial.

Personal Life
Rituka and Oggy In my free time I like reading knowledgeable and interesting stuff and play with my nephew “Oggy”, who is two years old. I am a shopping addict, and my hobbies are dancing and writing. I like to wake up with music, as it keeps me stress free whole day.

My family supports me strongly. Two other members of my family are also part of the team Jayant Rimza, MCP, Lead Developer and Vijayant Rimza, Lead QA Engineer. I am very lucky that I am part of such a family.

I feel appreciated in the team, and I think it is because I work hard and learn quickly. I see a great future in Business Solutions, and I will be happy to give subscribers and evaluators the best possible service. I hope to meet you soon, by e-mail or chat!

By Rituka Rimza
Sales and Marketing Assistant Business Solutions

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