31 December 2014 Prosperity Celebrations

I am back in Sweden again after my visit to India. With me I have brought memories of a week full of intense work and discussions mixed with different kinds of entertainments with the team members in Indore. Team
In my next blog post I will tell you about the decisions we made for the future, but let me first summarize the year 2014 and my recent trip. Both have been very satisfying!

Two new SharePoint solutions
During  2014 we did not only update our existing products but also released two entirely new SharePoint Solutions: TimeCard for SharePoint and SP Archive.

TimeCard for SharePoint logotypeTimeCard for SharePoint was planned since long, to let SharePoint users report hours and expenses from their SharePoint calendars. Next version of TimeCard for Outlook will synchronize with the SharePoint version, and that will be an important enhancement to current TimeCard users.

SP Archive for SharePoint logotypeTo develop SP Archive was a more spontaneous decision, because we saw that subscribers to our other SharePoint solutions, HelpDesk OSP and Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint, needed a way to archive list items to a database in a customized way.

First meeting with chessplayer
Most of the work with SP Archive was done by our new developer, Ankit Raghuwanshi, the tall guy on my left side in the photo from the Indore office above. (Note the two clocks behind us. One has Indian time, the other has Swedish time.)

When I came to the Indore office last week it was a fond reunion with good friends and colleagues. Ankit was the only one I had never met in person before, but I found him to be as pleasant and clever as the rest of the team. He is a good chessplayer, but I never got a chance to play with him – which maybe was just as well for me!
The team at Maheshwar
Growth celebration
We all feel happy about the growth in number of products and subscribers in 2014, and we celebrated our success with a fabulous dinner at one of the best restaurants in Indore. Family members were also invited, as an acknowledgement of their support to my colleagues and thereby to

When 2014 comes to an end we have more products and subscribers than ever before, and the  number of followers of the Blog and YouTube channel is increasing for each day.

The team is also bigger than ever, but size is not the most vital in this case. What makes me feel so confident of the coming year is the skill and dedication I meet among the Indore staff. Each visit there makes me feel pleased!
The team at Maheshwar

This time we made a fun and interesting excursion to the temples of Maheshwar, see the two images above. The trip took us out in the countryside, where relatives of Senior Developer Jitu Patidar had invited us all to dinner at their farm. I really appreciate their generosity! Team
I am also grateful to the Rimza family, who invited me to their home for a wonderful vegan dinner on Christmas Eve. Jayant, Vijayant and Rituka Rimza - three team members from the same family and crucial to the continued growth of

I will finish this last post for 2014 with a warm thank you to the Indore team for your hard work during the year and for making my visit a success. Now I am looking forward to next year and next visit!

Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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