02 September 2014

Tag SharePoint Events With Time Reporting Data

TimeCard logotypeThe TimeCard for SharePoint documentation is almost finished, and today I can show one of the new demos: how to tag SharePoint events with TimeCard values.

TimeCard for SharePoint adds one, two or three dropdowns to each event in the TimeCard calendar. Here users may select tag values for each event, values that transforms the SharePoint event into a timesheet. The values only need to be defined once for all who have their TimeCard calendars in the same SharePoint site.
The TimeCard for SharePoint event tab

Report the events
As the events are transformed into timesheets, they can be used for time reporting directly from the calendar. Just click a button, review the data and make changes if needed before you report the time with another button click. Given permissions, users can also help each other to report time.

If the Expenses feature is enabled in TimeCard, the user's expenses for each event may be filled out in the event and reported with the hours. The default captions of the expenses form can be edited, so the TimeCard administrator may enter any suitable captions in the Global Settings for the site. Then these captions will be shown to all users and in the various Excel reports that TimeCard can generate, instead of the default ones.

TimeCard Demos
The demo above is intended for new TimeCard users. As you see it is very easy to tag the events, and the dropdowns minimize the risk for errors. The TimeCard for SharePoint Demonstrations page have three more demos for users. Personal Settings, Reporting and Statistics .

We have already sent the Beta version of TimeCard for SharePoint to some TimeCard Workgroup for Outlook subscribers, who were eager to test how TimeCard works on the new platform, and now we are looking forward to hearing their comments. Hopefully the next setup will be the release version!
Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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