30 September 2014

SharePoint Time Tracking Solution Released

TimeCard logotypeTimeCard was one of my first Outlook add-ons, created for a Swedish town even before we had our brand name, Business Solutions. Today TimeCard for Outlook is used  by companies and organizations all over the world.

It is therefore with great pleasure I announce the release of a SharePoint version of the application for time reporting directly from the calendar. Thank you team, for your great work and good cooperation! Lead Developer Jayant Rimza has be responsible for the development of TimeCard for SharePoint, and he will tell you more about our new solution:
Jayant Rimza photo
Report from a SharePoint calendar
Too many people spend time transferring time reporting data from their calendar into a time sheet. It is more efficient to directly report what is written in the calendar, but for that you need to add some time tracking information to each calendar entry. TimeCard helps you select that information quickly and correctly.

Global and personal settings
The extra information, that converts calendar events to time sheets, is selected from dropdowns.The administrator decides what tags should be used and enters all the values for these tags in the Global settings. We give two default tags Customer and Task, but they can easily be changed into something else.

Users can select which of the tag values they want to see in their dropdowns. This way an organization can have a very long lists of tag values, but each user only has to select among the values he or she needs.
TimeCard in SharePoint

Team work
It is a privilege to lead the work of transforming Peter's system design into a well functioning software solution. TimeCard for SharePoint has been such a big project that all team members have been engaged in it, and everyone rejoiced when our QA group finally gave the green light to this release.

The JavaScript team has played an important role in the development of TimeCard for SharePoint. They have created the TimeCard Settings and Reporting pages and made it possible to display data and save data into SharePoint lists.
TimeCard in SharePoint
Amin adds users
TimeCard for SharePoint is a Sandboxed Solution that supports SharePoint 2010 and 2013 and Office 365 SharePoint Online. The installation is easy: upload the setup file to the root site of the site collection and active it there and on the sites where TimeCard should be used.

Once TimeCard is activated on a site, the administrator can add the people who should have their TimeCard calendars on that site. TimeCard creates one calendar for each user, and the admin can see and edit them all. Other users will only see their own calendar when they open the TimeCard site.

Use on multiple sites
We have developed TimeCard to take advantage of the SharePoint structure. Therefore TimeCard can very well be used on several sites with separate settings, reporting and statistics for each site. Maybe your organization needs one TimeCard site for each department or workgroup?

Try it! download icon You are welcome to download TimeCard for SharePoint and try it for 30 days. If you don't want to create your own tag values and events, you can use our example data for an easier evaluation.

Free for Outlook version subscribers
TimeCard iconWelcome If your organization is already subscribing to TimeCard Workgroup for Outlook, you may also use TimeCard for SharePoint without any extra costs.

We plan to make the two organizational versions work together, so that events/appointments are synchronized between them, but we are not there yet. That will be next major update of TimeCard Workgroup!

Jayant Rimza
Lead Developer Business Solutions


  1. This is great! We would like to integrate a few ninetex workflows into the TimeCard system.

    Thank you,

    1. We have not tested with Nintex, but TimeCard uses standard SharePoint lists, so it should work just fine. Please give it a try and let us know the result!