16 September 2014

SharePoint Archive Solution - First Test Version

SP Archive for SharePoint logotype Today I welcome my mother, Kate, to the blog. She is responsible for the documentation and has just tried the first version of SP Archive, our new solution for SharePoint list archiving. Here she will tell you how it is used.
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In an earlier blog post Peter wrote about his idea for a new solution that would archive SharePoint list items. Now the development is in its final phase, and the responsible developer, Jitu Patidar, has given me the first version to try and comment.

Backup or clean lists, libraries and calendars
SP Archive can be used with all kinds of lists – common lists but also libraries and calendars, because technically they are lists too. There is a checkbox for removal of the archived items, so SP Archive can be utilized either as a backup tool or for cleaning SharePoint lists without having to delete items when lists get too long.

SharePoint list limit
SharePoint has a list limit of 5000 items, and when you exceed it you will get problems. This is especially important to know if you are using Office 365 SharePoint Online, as it gives less control than other versions.

Because of this list limit you have to clean long lists either you want to do it or not. List items can often be archived with a workflow, and we have instructions on how to do that in the Tips section. However, with a workflow you can never decide in detail what should be archived. SP Archive gives you that possibility.

Choose site, list, field and item
SP Archive can send items from all kinds of SharePoint lists to a database, and you can select in detail exactly what to archive. The selection is made in several steps, but of course you don't have to make them all each time you archive:
  1. SharePoint site
  2. SharePoint list
  3. List fields to be included
  4. Items to be included
When you only use SP Archive for one list and always include the same list fields, you only have to make the fourth selection each time.

Settings and Archive dialogs
When you open SP Archive you will see a window with buttons for Archive and Settings. In the Settings dialog you can add or remove sites and lists. Once you have added a site or list to the settings, you can go to the Archive dialog and make your selection on what to archive.

Next time you will open the Archive dialog directly and only use the Settings when you want to change something that concerns the sites or lists.

My first impression of SP Archive is very good. It is easy to understand and use, and I think many organizations will find it helpful. Now I will make sure that everything is documented in time for the release, which should not be too far away.

Kate Kalmstrom
Sales and Marketing Business Solutions

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