18 September 2014

Faster Solutions In Shared Mailboxes

HelpDesk OSP logotypeToday we have released an update of HelpDesk OSP, the Solution that makes it possible to create SharePoint list items directly from Outlook. For users who have HelpDesk OSP installed in a shared mailbox this is an important update, as it makes both Outlook and HelpDesk OSP faster.

Cached Exchange Mode
Exchange logotypeWhen Outlook is configured to use Cached Exchange Mode, it works from a local copy of each user's Microsoft Exchange mailbox. The mailbox is stored in an offline .ost file on the user's computer and is updated periodically from the Exchange Server.

Cached mode is the default setting, and most organizations prefer to use it as the alternative, Online Mode, will slow down the Outlook performance. This has been a problem to, because some of our solutions require Online Mode when they are installed in a shared mailbox.

Problem solved!
Now our clever Lead Developer, Jayant Rimza, has found a solution to the problem. He has figured out a way to make our products work also with the Cached Mode, and now when his idea has been tested we know that it works well.

HelpDesk OSP is the first Outlook add-on to have the new resolution implemented. Before release our developers also fixed a two minor bugs that only affected a few users.

More updates
Calendar Browser icon Two more of our products has the same issue with Cached Exchange Mode and shared mailbox installation as HelpDesk OSP, and we will of course implement the resolution there too. We will soon update our resource booking solution Calendar Browser and our add-on for issue tracking, Folder HelpDesk.
Folder HelpDesk logo
Soon users with shared mailbox installations of these two Solutions will be able to switch to Cached Mode and thus get a faster Outlook.

Upgrade upgrade iconIf your organization uses HelpDesk OSP with a shared mailbox I recommend you to upgrade your installation. Upgrades are always included in the Subscriptions, just like support.

Try download iconDo you need a solution that can convert Outlook e-mails into SharePoint list items? Or do you want to be able to create SharePoint list items directly from Outlook? In that case I hope you want to download HelpDesk OSP for Outlook and SharePoint and evaluate it for 30 days.

By Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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