09 September 2014

Adventurous Release Celebration

Creating texts is not only about writing. To compose a blog post, for example, you must also know HTML code and photo editing to be able to present the text and images in an appealing way.
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Today's post is created by our trainee Rituka Rimza. She wants to become a really good technical writer, and as she learns quickly and works hard I am sure she will reach her goal.

After releasing version 9 of Calendar Browser Calendar Browser logo
(the Outlook add-on for resource booking) the Indore team members celebrated with a trip to an adventurous place called Safari Park.

It was a most memorable trip for all of us. The day was full of joy and physical activities. As we are sitting at computers in our daily routine, this was a new experience for all of us. There were lots of physical tasks we had to do within a given time.
Safari Park Photo
When we reached Safari Park we could not imagine how much fun we were going to experience. That small park had lots of activities. There were trained staff members who guided the visitors.

One of them guided us. He started with some words we all had to speak loudly. According to him we would be filled with energy after that, and he was actually right.

Now we were all ready for our first task, which was Rope Pulling. He divided us into two teams, one led by Jayant and the other by Rinku. Eventually Jayant’s team won the contest.
Safari Park Photo
In the second task we had to climb on a net of rope, while we competed in pairs. It may sound simple, but it was risky because one wrong step could throw you to the ground. Jayant and I climbed together, and I won.

We showed our art in Archery also, where we had to target an arrow at the center of a board. The bow was heavy, so it was difficult to hold it, but still we all tried Archery.
Safari Park Photo
In the Image below you can see our third task. It had many stages that we had to complete one by one. It started with walking on a rope without any support. As I mentioned before, it seems simple, but it is difficult when you have to do it yourself.

Stage by stage the team members were expelled from the task. The most difficult part was when we had to cross tires of three colors (see the image below) without touching the blue tires. Only 3 members completed this task Ankit, Sharad and I, and could continue to the last stage.

Now we had to walk on wooden plates hanging in ropes. Here Sharad and I also failed, so only Ankit could finish all the stages and win the task.
Safari Park Photo
That day, Vipul had a leg injury,so at first he said he would not be able to do any of the tasks. But after watching us and seeing how much we enjoyed it, he could not prevent himself from joining us. It was a miracle that he managed all the tasks while he could not even walk properly.

I think this is significant for the spirit, "never give up without attempting", that makes our team unique. I sometimes feel that the team is like a glorious pearl in the ocean.
Safari Park Photo
After all these efforts we enjoyed a delicious meal together. I believe this kind of trips bring everyone closer together and inspire us in our work with the Solutions.

TimeCard for SharePoint logotypeNow we are focusing on our new product TimeCard for SharePoint, which will be published soon. Then we will have cause for another celebration!

Rituka Rimza
Technical Writer Trainee Business Solutions

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