03 July 2014

Track Tasks and Time With Single Solutions Business Solutions has right from the beginning been a brand associated with software for companies and organizations. However, after 15 years on the market has two Single Solutions, intended for one-person firms or personal use.

Both Single Solutions are modified versions of Outlook add-ons for workgroups, and thanks to that they have more features and customization possibilities than you normally expect from a single user software.

TimeCard for Outlook logotype With TimeCard for Outlook you can tag Outlook appointments with time tracking data and then report these appointments directly from the calendar to a database. When the organizational version had been on the market for some years, people begun to ask for a single version.

Of course we understood that a single version of TimeCard for Outlook could be very useful for people who needed to keep track of their working hours for billing purposes, or just to study how time had been spent. TimeCard lets you analyze data in different Excel reports that are generated with a click of a button.

We decided to remove the central reporting and configuration and develop a TimeCard version where hours were reported from the Outlook calendar to a local Access database, created by TimeCard. This was many years ago, and today we can find subscribers to TimeCard Single all over the world.

Kanban Task Manager
Kanban Task Manager for Outlook logotype The Solution for project and task management in Outlook and/or SharePoint is a much later product. Both workgroup versions were released as late as in 2012, and Kanban Task Manager Single came in February this year.

At time of release we already knew that people were waiting for a single version of Kanban Task Manager, so we were not surprised at the flying start of the subscriptions. Kanban Task Manager Single is a useful solution for many people, because nearly all of us have tasks that we need to keep track of. Only our imagination sets limits to the number or reasons for using Kanban Task Manager!

Advanced features
Both Single Solutions are developed from workgroup add-ons, so they are advanced products. In spite of that we can keep the subscription fee at a reasonable level, as most of the development costs are shared with the workgroup versions.

Try them!
Do you want to  try TimeCard or Kanban Task Manager? Both can be used on the same PC. We allow a 30 days evaluation period, and during this time we will give you support at no extra cost if needed. When you subscribe to a Single Solution you also have free support.

As upgrades are free as well, you will always have a modern, well functioning Outlook add-on when you subscribe to a Solution. I hope you will find that your new software will make life a bit easier!
By Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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