30 April 2014

Sync SharePoint Libraries With PC Folders

SharePoint OneDrive Logo Is your business team geographically dispersed? Do you often need to share documents or other files with your team? Or are you looking for a way to synchronize SharePoint libraries or OneDrive for Business (earlier called SkyDrive Pro) with your PC?

OneDrive for Business
The team uses SharePoint document libraries and the OneDrive for Business synch client. Through this app we can easily edit, copy and move files on either the SharePoint site or on a client workstation.

Here are some advantages of installing the OneDrive for Business sync client:
  • Work Offline: By synchronizing SharePoint library files with your folders on your PC, you can work with the files even if you are offline.
  • Edit Files: When you use OneDrive to sync files between SharePoint and a PC,you can modify the library files without downloading them. Your changes will be reflected in the online SharePoint library automatically next time you connect to the SharePoint site.
  • Upload Data: You can upload a new file to a SharePoint library through your PC by creating or pasting it in the relevant synchronized folder.
All this will reduce the headache of login into the SharePoint site to download and upload files.

Library becomes PC folder
When you synchronize a SharePoint library for the first time, a folder with the same name as the library will be created on your PC. In the image below the mouse cursor points at the KTM Development library in the subsite.

Synchronized SharePoint library on PC

Stop Syncing
You can stop synchronizing anytime, by right clicking the OneDrive icon in the taskbar on your PC and select the applicable folder. If you want to remove the library and the folder, you still have to stop synchronizing the folder before you can delete it.

Download the sync app
To install OneDrive for Business, download it from Microsoft or use the link in the SharePoint Online Sync dialog. Sync the library manually the first time, and then OneDrive will handle the synchronization automatically.

Sync Option in Microsoft SharePoint
Tips article
In the demo below I show how to use OneDrive for Business with SharePoint Online document libraries. Please refer to the Tips section of the website for step by step descriptions on how to synch SharePoint libraries with PC folders.

Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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