10 April 2014

Swedish Nature In Four Seasons

YouTube icon YouTube has become an important marketing channel for Peter Kalmstrom and the Solutions. Now we have begun buildning two new channels for another part of the business.

The new channels are about the Swedish language, and I hope the photos and the music will be appealing also to those who are not learning our language.

Teaching aids
Tallstugan logo If you have followed the Blog, you might remember that we don't only develop and sell software solutions that enhance Microsoft. We also publish teaching aids for the Swedish language, centered around the free tutorial site at that gives guidelines and exercises for Swedish grammar and word formation.

Nature photos
As a background to the more than 180 articles on the site, we have added photos from Sweden. They often show nature from various parts of Sweden in different season, and now we have used some of these photos in YouTube videos. The photos are acompanied by well-known Swedish music.
Swedish season photos
The YouTube channel has more than 2000 subscribers and over 300 000 views, mostly thanks to Peter's excellent way of presenting information. Now I want to have even more subscribers to my two new Tallstugan-channels, so wish me good luck!
Swedish season photos
Swedish and English
The tutorial site is in Swedish. It is intended for students who already know some of the language,  but it has an option to get the grammar rules and guidelines translated into English or Finnish. Unfortunately I cannot manage a Finnish YouTube channel, but I have created one Swedish grammar channel in Swedish and one Swedish grammar channel in English.

The grammar channels will soon have more content. We are working on animations that will illustrate some basic grammar rules in the Swedish language. They will be in Swedish, but the rule itself will be translated into English.

Apps and book
In addition to the site and the new channels, the Tallstugan series for Swedish grammar and word formation consists of apps for iOS and Android devices and a book.

Immigrants in Sweden and students of the Swedish language in other countries find the Tallstugan Kate Kalmstrom teaching aids helpful, and I hope the YouTube channels will help spreading the word to even more people.
Kate Kalmström
Sales and Documentation Business Solutions

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