25 April 2014

New Developer Excellent Chess Player

Today I am glad to invite a new guest blogger, the junior developer Ankit Raghuvanshi. Ankit joined the team just one month ago, and he has already proved his coding ability. He is very devoted to work, and his great sense of humor often makes us laugh. Here Ankit will introduce himself.

Bachelor of Engineering developer Ankit image I finished my Bachelor of Engineering in 2012. While I was pursuing my B.E degree, I joined one of the training institutes here in Indore in order to elaborate my .NET practical insights. At that institute I got a chance to work with live projects, and I acquired practical knowledge of .NET technology.

After completing my degree, I started to work as a freelancer. Then I learned a lot about how people think, and I got an understanding of what clients actually need. What kind of software or products do people like? What type of user interface is easy for clients? How do people treat technology? And how does technology treat them?
Later I decided to join a company to become more professional. Fortunately I found the best company, Business Solutions. Here I see a great working environment as well as experienced and competent colleagues or seniors who possess immense knowledge and coding skills.

Calendar Browser V9
Calender Browser Product IconDuring my first month in the team, I have worked with Calendar Browser V9. Calendar Browser is a Microsoft Outlook add-on for managing all kinds of resources in any company or firm.

In Calendar Browser V9, I have assisted in the coding of different important modules like the Example Data for evaluators, the Administrator settings, where the admin can customize Calendar Browser, the Overview, where all future bookings can be studied in different ways and the Archive, which archives old bookings in a database and generates Excel reports on the data.

Ankit playing chess
In my spare time I love to play chess with my father and friends. This helps me increase my IQ and creativity, improve my memory, exercise both sides of the brain and much more. I also love to travel and visit new places, and I believe in living my life completely by enjoying every moment of it.

I see a great future for this company, and I want to work with the products for a long time, to polish my skills to become an outstanding software developer.

Ankit Raghuvanshi
Junior Developer Business Solutions

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