01 April 2014

Four Ways To Copy Excel Cells

Excel iconIn an article in the Tips section I am showing four ways to copy and paste Excel cells. This is a basic Tip, in contrast to the more advanced "FileShare to SharePoint" articles with PowerShell scripts that I have published recently.

Four ways
Are you new to Microsoft Excel and wonder how to copy cells in it? Or do you always use the same method and want to learn more ways to copy cells in Excel? In the demo below I am showing four different methods.

Copy and Paste ribbon buttons Excel icon
The most common way to copy and paste in Excel, is perhaps to use the Copy and Paste buttons under the Home tab in the Excel ribbon. Select the cell or cells you want to copy, click on the Copy button, select the cell or range of cells where you want to paste the copied content and finally click the Paste button.

This method means that you have to move the mouse cursor back and forth to the ribbon, and that is not always the quickest way to copy and paste.

Stay near the cells
I actually prefer three other methods that let me stay near the area I want to copy from and paste into. They can be used for one cell as well as for a range of cells, and neither of them includes a mouse movement up to the ribbon.

Windows copy and paste
Windows iconWhen you have selected the cell from which yo want to copy, you can use two alternatives to the Copy button: either right click the mouse and select "Copy" from the list of options or press “Ctrl + C” on the keyboard to copy. To paste, right click and select "Paste" from the list or press “Ctrl + V” on the keyboard.
These copy and paste methods can be used everywhere in Windows.

Drag and drop + Ctrl
The last, but not the least way to copy cells in Microsoft Excel is to select the cell and drag it with the mouse to the desired destination.  When you only drag and drop the cells will be moved, but when you press the keyboard “Ctrl” button at the same time the cells will be copied.

If you haven't tried all four methods I suggest you do so next time you work with Microsoft Excel. Please watch the demo below and read the article about Excel copy and paste in the Tips section. In the Tips article there is also information about copying cells with formulas.


By Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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