28 March 2014

Versatile Knowledge Base Solution Updated

KBase logotype Business Solutions has today released an update of KBase, the knowledge base that can be used with several different platforms: Outlook, SharePoint, website or Excel.
KBase in Outlook

Install in Outlook
KBase is installed in an Outlook folder that synchronizes with a shared database or SharePoint site to update articles and settings for all users. All the Outlook features, like reading pane, spell check and all editing options, can be utilized with the KBase articles.
SharePoint 2013 icon
Once the installation is done, KBase can be used not only inside Outlook but also on OWA or on a SharePoint site, and the articles can be exported to Excel or to a website.

Proxy issue
The actual reason for the update was a problem reported to us from a subscriber who uses KBase behind a proxy server: KBase was repeatedly asking for proxy data and the registration key. This issue had to be solved quickly, and we have already given a new version to this customer.

In that organization they are now happy with KBase again, but we wanted to make sure no one else get the same issue. Therefore we decided to release a new version for all even if no new features have been added.

New Design
You might have noticed that most of our product logos and icons have the blue color of Outlook and SharePoint 2013, while some have the yellow of the 2010 versions. Blue graphics are created for all, but in a few cases they have still not been implemented as it requires a documentation update. One of them was KBase, but in this update we have given our knowledge base graphics the new design. I hope you like it!

Easier database propagation
The updated KBase has the new possibility to propagate database option via Active Directory that I wrote about in an earlier blog post. It is still not possible to propagate the SharePoint option that way, but we are working on it and it will come in a later version.

FAQ and Tips

The KBase articles can easily be exported to a website, and a content page will be created automatically. We have used this possibility in the FAQ and Tips sections, even if we then have modified the code a bit to adapt the articles to the style of the site.
KBase web pages contents

The FAQ section has most of the original KBase design. In the Tips section we have only used the content page and linked it to pages of our normal design. But in both these content pages you can see something that is not yet implemented in KBase – the article count. This feature will come in the next version of KBase.

Folder HelpDesk for Outlook
The other day I wrote about how a combination of two Solutions could convert e-mails into tasks on a kanban board in SharePoint. Now I want to mention another combination: Folder HelpDesk logo KBase and Folder HelpDesk. This Outlook add-on for issue tracking and user support even has a button that converts a helpdesk ticket into a KBase article.

Try or upgrade download iconDo you want to try KBase? You may download the solution and evaluate it for 30 days. Then it will stop working if you don't register it. When you register KBase, it will just continue working. No new installation is needed, as you are trying the full version of KBase. upgrade icon Current users are of course welcome to upgrade their installations. Free upgrades are always included in the subscriptions, just like free support.

By Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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