05 March 2014

SharePoint Workflows In Demo And Manual

SharePoint logoSharePoint workflows are very useful to specify and control actions for a document or item. The workflows can manage common business processes within an organization in a consistent way, so that the staff can concentrate on performing tasks rather than managing their workflow. Tips section
In the Tips section of the website I give tutorials on things that are connected to the platforms we use but not directly with the Solutions.

There are many tips and pointers for SharePoint, and in one of them I am showing how to create a workflow that sends me an e-mail each time someone has created a high priority task for me. The e-mail of course contains a link to the task, so that I quickly can open it and see what it is all about.

SharePoint Designer
SharePoint logoI use SharePoint Designer 2013 to create first the Task list and then the workflow. This workflow will be triggered each time a new task is created in the list, but the action of sending an e-mail to the assignee will only be performed when the priority of the task is set to "High".

The demo below is included in the Tips article, but I recommend you to also visit the webpage and study the step by step description.

HelpDesk OSP workflows
The Outlook add-on HelpDesk OSP converts Outlook e-mails, tasks and appointments into SharePoint list items. You may also create a new list item directly from Outlook if you have HelpDesk OSP installed.
HelpDesk OSP logotype
HelpDesk OSP can be used with any SharePoint list, and workflows may of course also be used on those lists. In addition to the User Manual we have therefore created a Workflow Manual for this solution.

Whether you are using HelpDesk OSP or not, you are welcome to visit the HelpDesk OSP manuals page to learn more about SharePoint workflows!

By Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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