17 March 2014

SharePoint Conference 2014 Online

Microsoft's 2014 SharePoint Conference in the beginning of this month offered a chance to hear about the roadmap and new features for SharePoint and Office 365. Now much of the information can be found online.
SharePoint Conference 2014

The SharePoint Conference was a huge event with 314 speakers, so the online videos are probably valuable even for those who attended. Unfortunately I could not go this time, so I am grateful for the all the recordings provided by Microsoft. They can be found at the 2014 SharePoint Conference website, where they can be downloaded one by one in different formats.

Download script
I am interested in many of the sessions, so I have used a script that downloads and groups all the recordings. This time I did not create the script myself, as I found a good PowerShell script by Vlad Catrinescu on TechNet.
Yammer logo
Yammer was one of the Microsoft products accentuated in the 2014 SharePoint Conference. Microsoft aquired this social software for enterprises in 2012, and they are now integrating it in SharePoint and Office.

Community iconThe team is already using Yammer, and we find it especially good for design discussions. We will soon launch an external Yammer network for subscribers to the Solutions, and when we do, I will come back and tell you more about Yammer.

Events like the SharePoint Conference are not only about knowledge sharing. The networking is also important, and when you don't attend you miss that part.

This time I had too many other engagements to be able to go to Las Vegas, but there will be more conferences. In the meantime I will study the recordings and make plans for the future of Business Solutions!

Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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