06 March 2014

Outlook TimeCard Enhanced For Extensive Use

TimeCard bannerThe Workgroup version of TimeCard has been updated with some new features that are especially interesting for organizations with many users.

Tag appointments with time reporting data
With TimeCard users can tag Outlook appointments with project, task or other time reporting data and then report their hours directly from the Outlook calendar. The values are selected from dropdowns, and default tag values can be set, so appoinment tagging is a much quicker and safer method that transferring the data to a time sheet.

Meeting requests
When a meeting request is tagged with TimeCard values, the receiver of the request can also get these tags automatically. Earlier this was a admin defined setting that applied to all meeting requests. With the new version you can decide what domains should use the possibility.

Hay Group, a global management consulting firm, is a Premium subscriber. Hay Group has used TimeCard for a long time, and we are grateful for their support in our aim to enhance the solution. Now Hay Group has sponsored a possibility to differentiate the addition of the meeting request tags.

When you send a meeting request to someone within the company, who also uses TimeCard, it is of course convenient to get the meeting appointment tagged with TimeCard values automatically. However, it requires a tag in the appointment body, and this tag might be confusing if you send the request to someone outside the company who doesn't use TimeCard.

The new feature gives a dialog where the TimeCard administrator can enter the domains that should have the auto-tagging of meeting requests – for example

Propagate database via AD
Another new feature in the updated TimeCard was described in an earlier blog post: the possibility to add database path or connection info via Active Directory. It is not a sponsored feature, but it will of course be especially useful for organizations with many users, like Hay Group. This feature will be added to more Solutions in future releases.

Upgrade upgrade Subscribers have free upgrades, and I recommend current TimeCard Workgroup subscribers to upgrade their installations. Hay Group and other TimeCard Premium Subscribers have already received their updated copies of TimeCard.

Try it!
Have you not tried TimeCard yet? download icon If you need a tool that helps your staff keep track of and report work hours. I suggest that you download the solution and try it for 30 days. In the demo below I give a first introduction, and you can find much more information on the website.

By Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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