17 January 2014

Advertisement That Aims Higher

This Friday I will give you some beautiful photos from kite flying Indore, as a contrast to the more technical articles I have written recently. I will also tell you about a different way to advertise.
Kite flying festival
This passed week the Makara Sankranti has been celebrated in India. It is a festival that marks the end of the winter, and kite flying events have been held in many places.

So also in Indore, where people gathered in a part of the city where the houses have roof terraces. There the kite flyers could stand on the rooftops and greet the sun with their kites. It was a day of fun and laughter, and the best kite flyers earned everyone's respect.
Skilled team member
When I visited the Indore office recently, my Indian colleagues took me out kite flying. That was when I discovered that our Lead Quality Assurance Engineer, Vijayant Rimza, not only was a good manager of the QA team. Vijayant is excellent when it comes to managing a kite, and we decided to take advantage of this in a marketing event.

Kite flying sport
The kites used in India are small, unstable single line flat kites made of special light-weight paper and bamboo. The line tension alone is used for control, and an abrasive line is used to cut other kites. Lead QA
To cut a competitor's kite means that you severe the strings of that kite, so that it falls to the ground or get stuck in a tree. When that happens children chase the falling kite to pick it up, and the winner shouts "katta hai" (=cut another kite) in a very loud voice. kites
On the day of the kite flying event Vijayant had prepared two kites with the text "", and he was also dressed in a jacket with our logotype. When the event was over, "everyone" knew, because with his two kites Vijayant had cut no less than 45 other kites.

Advertising benefit
A text on a small kite cannot reach far even if it is several hundred meters up in the air, but as many people were gathered to see the kite event it still did some good. In Indore we are not primarily advertising the solutions but the company as a work place.

We are always looking for talented people for the Indore office. Maybe this event will bring some good candidates for positions in our team? Anyway Vijayant had a great time while giving some extra publicity! kite
Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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