19 December 2013

Welcoming Ceremony At The Indore Office

It really feels good to be back in Indore, a vibrant city with lots of friends! Here is also much greener than I remember it, thanks to plentiful rain this year.

After several delays we finally landed in Indore at noon their time. We had not had much sleep during the flight, but I was eager to meet the Indore team and see the new office, so after a short stop at the hotel we went directly to the office.

There we were received with a traditional welcoming ceremony. The whole team was gathered in the reception, where the floor was decorated with a "Rangoli".

These ancient patterns have been passed down through the ages from each generation to the next and are typically created with materials like colored rice, colored flour or sand and flower petals.

 A "pooja thali" was performed by one of our QA Engineers, Neha Gupta Kaushal. She had a round tray with fragant flowers and sweets and a red powder that she used for adorning us with "tilak", red marks in the forehead, as a blessing. She also hung garlands around our necks as another welcoming gesture.
We all felt happy, and the ceremony was a warm and dignified start of our visit in Indore.
Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions


  1. What a great Welcoming! Have a happy holiday and time together!

  2. Thank you, Jörgen! Our two weeks in Indore will be filled with work, studies and sightseeing. Most of all I appreciate meeting the team members in person and not just over the internet.