14 November 2013

Details Pane In New Kanban Task Manager For SharePoint

Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint bannerA month ago we released version 2 of Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint, the solution for task and project management in SharePoint. It had several good new features but also one was not as useful as we had hoped. Therefore we have now released an update that gives this feature in a better way.

Kanban board in SharePoint
When the traditional kanban board moves into SharePoint we can add things that the physical board does not manage. We can for example show tasks for multiple projects in one kanban board and filter tasks by project, responsible and/or priority.

Another advantage is the possibility to see more information about a task than what is visible on the little kanban card. This feature was added in version 2 of Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint, but unfortunately it had a bad influence over other functions in our solution.

Instead of hovering the mouse over the visualized task to see more task info, users can now right click the task to open a details pane at the bottom of the screen. This is similar Windows 8, where you can right click an app on the start page and get various options for it in a pane that becomes visible below.

Drag and drop works well
The rest of the new features in version 2 work as intended. The most important one was the possibility to drag and drop tasks not only between phases but also within phases.

To make the tasks keep their order when they were dragged both within and between phases was the most difficult part of the version 2 development, and maybe it took too much of our energy so that we did not consider all aspects of the hovering feature.

Better with details pane
The new way of showing more info is actually better than the hovering, as you can keep the details pane without having to hold the mouse cursor in a certain position. Kanban Task Manager task with design pane
When you have already opened the details pane by right clicking on a task, you can just select another task by either left or right click to see its details in the pane. You can also use the arrow keys to move between tasks. Right click in an empty space to close the details pane.

Upgrade upgrade iconA bug connected with hidden phases has also been fixed in this update, so if your organization subscribes to Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint and you use hidden phases or want the new details pane, I recommend you to upgrade your installation(s).

Upgrades are always included in the subscription, just like the support. The quick upgrade process is described on the Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint upgrade page, where you can also download the latest version.

Try it! download iconHave you not tried Kanban Task Manager yet? In that case you are welcome to download Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint and try it for 30 days. The support services are for evaluators too, so you are welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

By Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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