22 October 2013

Outlook HelpDesk Updated To Meet User Requests

Folder HelpDesk logo Today Business Solutions has released an update of Folder HelpDesk for Outlook V13. The new version has enhancements requested by Community Members.

Ticket list inside Outlook
Folder HelpDesk converts incoming e-mails into tickets that are shown in a list in Outlook. There they can be managed in many different ways, so Folder HelpDesk is used for all kinds of issue tracking in companies and organizations all over the world.

Current users our first priority
Community iconFour years ago we tranferred from a purchase to a subscription model for most of the products. We have never regretted that step, because it is favourable to both the customers and the company. Subscribers become Members of the Community.

Member requests
If a Commynity Member suggests a product enhancement that we consider useful and possible to develop, we usually ask for a sponsorship. However, in some cases the development is quick and in those cases we can do it without any cost for the Member.

In the new version of Folder HelpDesk we have met two Member requests. One Member organization needs to convert automatic e-mail replies, like "Out of office" or "Delivery failed" messages. Even if those messages do not bring the case forward they find it important to include in the ticket.

Fax messages
Another Community Member uses a third party fax service to send and receive faxes in Outlook, and to them it will be very convenient to have also the faxes converted into Folder HelpDesk tickets. Unfortunately Folder HelpDesk could not convert those messages and their attachments.

PamFax banner 2The fax service we use within, PamFax, sends an e-mail with a link to the fax, and these e-mails have of course been converted also in earlier versions of Folder HelpDesk. But this customer used a different system.

Remote session
One of our developers, Jitu Patidar, looked at the problem via a remote session, and after some research he could understand how to make Folder HelpDesk convert these fax messages too.

A remote session with a good developer is very useful, and we often offer them to users who contact us. They help the developers to quickly understand what is wrong, and when they know that, they can solve the problem.

Outlook fax
Outlook faxes were converted in earlier versions of Folder HelpDesk, but attachments were not included. Now that issue has been solved also.

Multiple conversion options
Today's update means that Folder HelpDesk now can convert four kinds of Outlook items into tickets:
  • E-mails, now including auto-messages
  • Appointments
  • Tasks
  • Faxes
On top of that you can also create a blank ticket, for example if you get an incident report via telephone. When the helpdesk serves a known group of people you can add the caller details to the ticket from the Outlook Contacts/People or the Global Address Book. upgrade iconUpgrade or try
Community Members who are using an earlier version of Folder HelpDesk for Outlook are welcome to upgrade.

Have you not tried Folder HelpDesk yet? download icon Please download the solution and evaluate it for 30 days. Beside the manual there are various video demonstrations to help you get started.

By Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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