05 September 2013

Swedish Inventions Interesting To Obama

Last week I joked about the US president's fascination for the Swedish music group Abba, but now that Mr. Obama has really visited Sweden we have learned that he is more interested in what we do in Sweden to solve problems with environment and climate changes.

Here I will not go into all the political aspects of the president's visit to Sweden. Instead I will just mention the technical research Barack Obama was informed about during his stay. I think it will interest readers of the Blog, and it might be forgotten in the international news reports.
Barack Obama and Fredrik Rheinfeldt
Royal Institute of Technology
Yesterday Barack Obama visited the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, to get information about the ongoing research in renewable energy.

Among other things the president was shown a new invention, a method to clean water with the help of ultraviolet radiation. He also saw a plug-in hybrid motor that is under development. It will be used in Volvo busses, and Volvo claims it will not give any pollution at all.

Will learn from Sweden
On a question what Barack Obama brought back to the US from Sweden, he answered: "Number one, the work you have done on energy. I think it is something that the United States can and will learn from."

Obama stopped pollution for one day
Mr. Obama might have difficulties doing something about the global climate problems, but he surely made a difference in Stockholm during his visit. As cars were forbidden in parts of Stockholm, people could walk around in the center of the city without being disturbed by traffic or exhaust fumes.

"Why not make it a tradition to have a car and bus free day a year, whether a president is here or not?" suggested a stroller. Good idea!

By Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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