25 September 2013

SharePoint In Depth

SharePoint 2013 logo In addition to my work with the products I am often teaching on advanced IT courses. SharePoint In Depth is the umbrella term for some new classes I am looking forward to lead.

Inspiring meetings
 I am a Microsoft certifed Trainer, and I really like teaching. The in-class strategy discussions and the brain-storming around technical opportunities are both stimulating and enjoyable, and in the end they also have a positive impact on the products.
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SharePoint demand
Most of my courses are organized by Cornerstone, Sweden's largest seller of professional IT-training, both for IT-pros and developers. They have experienced an increasing demand for SharePoint courses, so now there are six new courses called SharePoint In Depth. I have been asked to lead them together with my fellow SharePoint expert Stefan Smedius.

Various subjects
The In Depth courses aim to delve deeper into a particular topic, and they are intended for those who want to keep track of a certain functionality or subject, rather than getting a general knowledge from a given professional role.

These are the In Depth courses:

  • Working with large amounts of data – how you can let the data be where they are but still present it in SharePoint in an attractive and user-friendly way
  • InfoPath
  • Content Management – build efficient information sharing
  • Business Intelligence for SharePoint Enterprise
  • Workflows with SharePoint Designer
  • Search – build filtered searches, expand search for sources outside SharePoint, design search experience, introduce local metadata to filter
If you have followed my blog you will recognize the subjects in the list. In earlier articles I have introduced SharePoint tutorials published in the Tips section, and some of them have dealt with the same areas as the In Depth courses. Now the new courses will give me a welcome opportunity to dig deeper into these areas.

By Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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