06 September 2013

Developer Intrigued By Historical Monuments

Two months ago we welcomed a new Trainee Developer to the Indore office, Arpeet Gujarathi. The older developers praise his ability to learn quickly, so we feel sure he will become a valuable team member. Here is Arpeet's own introduction.
Arpeet Gujarathi photo
 I completed my Bachelor of Engineering in Computer in 2012. After completion of the degree I continued with a course at the Pune Center for Development of Advanced Computing to further enhance my technical skills.

After that I joined the team  as a Trainee Developer. I am learning so much here, and I am thankful to the Kalmstrom family for giving me this opportunity and to the team members for their support.

During my first months with I have helped with the development of version 5 of TimeCard, the Outlook add-on for reporting of hours and expenses from within the Outlook calendar.

Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint logotypeTo learn more about SharePoint, which is an important platform for us, I have assisted in the creation of a few video demonstrations for Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint. We are in the process of giving a SharePoint option to all the applications, so I will probably work a lot with SharePoint later on.

I have also been given time to acquire a deeper knowledge about JavaScript and other code languages used in the development of the products, and this has been very interesting.

Coming on to my family, my father is businessman and my mother is a housewife. I have two elder sisters, who both are employed outside the home. I am the youngest in my family.
Arpeet at Sinhgad
I like to play cricket and read. As I am very interested in history, I read many historical books. I also like to visit historical places, and the image above shows me at the Sinhgad fort, which is two thousand years old and has played an important role in Indian history.

Arpeet Gujarathi
Trainee Developer Business Solutions

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