06 August 2013

Sandbox Laptop For New QA

Ankita Kunchal image We are happy to have a new Quality Assurance Engineer in the team. Ankita Kunchal begun working at the Indian office a month ago, and she has already become a valuable colleague. And her choice of photos for this blog post shows that she has a sense of humour!

"Learns quickly"
I have not co-operated much with Ankita, so when I prepared this blog I talked to Vijayant Rimza, our Lead QA. Vijayant has introduced Ankita to her tasks and supervised her progress, and he had only good things to say about her.

All new members of the team must start with a learning period, and Vijayant asked me to point out that Ankita grasps new things quickly and remembers what she has learned. This is crucial in our business, where we continuously have to update our knowledge.

#3 among graduates
Vijayant was not the first to notice that Ankita is a quick learner. When she took her Bachelor of Engineering in 2012 she was rewarded a bronze medal for being the third best of all graduates at her college this year. After that Ankita was trained in another software company before we offered her a position.

Desktop applications
“I have always tried to learn new things, and in the team I do that every day”, says Ankita. “I especially like that I can test different kinds of desktop applications now and not only web based solutions.” Kanban Task Manager icon

Product testing

During her first month with Ankita has helped us with the HelpDesk OSP icon testing of first Kanban Task Manager for Outlook and then HelpDesk OSP for Outlook and SharePoint.

We have now released updates of both these Outlook add-ons, and Ankita is concentrating on TimeCard for Outlook V5, which will require extensive testing before next version can be published.TimeCard icon

Laptop in the sand
Ankita loves to travel, so before she begun working for she took a vacation and made a journey. When she visited Aksa beach in Mumbai she created a laptop in the sand, so that she could chat with her friends and tell them about the trip ;-)

Ankita Kunchal in sand

Basket player
In her free time Ankita likes to dance, cook and play basketball. She is not tall, but she is quick and a good goalscorer. I am sure she will get a few hits in her work at also!

You are very welcome to the team, Ankita! I am looking forward to getting to know you better.

Kate Kalmström
Marketing and Documentation Business Solutions

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