27 August 2013

Obama In Stockholm Already!

You might have heard that the US president Barack Obama is going to visit Sweden in the beginning of September. Strangely enough he has already been seen at various tourist attractions in Stockholm, our capital. I can tell you why.

September meetings
The American president will  meet with the Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt on the 4th of September. Their talks will focus on trade and environment, and Mr. Rheinfeldt has also invited his colleagues from Finland, Denmark, Norway and Iceland to a working dinner with Mr. Obama.

So what is the US president doing in Stockholm already? Is he really such a fan of Abba that he comes here in advance to visit their newly opened museum?

Obama photo

Embassy joke
No, the reason for the sightings of Mr. Obama is that people from the American embassy in Stockholm have been carrying around a life-size cardboard cut-out of the president during the last few days. They have taken photos of the figure standing in front of various tourist attractions, to highlight what a great town Stockholm is.

The photos have been published on the American embassy's official Facebook page, together with the question "What sites should President Obama visit when he's in Stockholm?"

There are a lot of comments and suggestions, and even if the president will not have time to see many of them during his 2 days visit I hope they will attract interest from other potential visitors to Sweden.

Sweden is beautiful
"There are many beautiful and interesting places in Stockholm, and we're always keen to show these to the world," embassy spokesman Jeff Anderson explained to The Local.

He is right of course, except that he could have said "Sweden" instead of "Stockholm". Our country has many more wonderful places, and one of them is, Öland, the island where the head office is situated. The royal family has its summer residence here, so maybe we will see the American president on Öland some day also?

Kate Kalmstrom
Marketing and Documentation Business Solutions

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