09 June 2013

KBase for Outlook V3 released!

KBase logotypeToday I am happy to announce the release of KBase for Outlook version 3. The knowledge base now takes even more advantage of the Outlook features, but at the same time it gives better possibilities for use with other platforms, like Excel, SharePoint and the web.

Reading pane
The KBase articles are now standard Outlook post items, and that means you can use a reading pane, just like you can do with e-mails. Many current KBase users have asked for a preview pane as an added feature, but with the earlier KBase form it was complicated and time consuming to add it. When we made it possible to use standard Outlook post items we got the Outlook reading pane "for free", without any extra coding at all!
KBase in Outlook
The reading pane is not the only usable asset . Other Outlook features, like spell check, formating, insert images and attach files,  can also be used with KBase. This means that anyone who can create an e-mail with links and pictures can also create a KBase article using the same tools.

Categories, types and custom fields
The KBase articles have dropdowns for selection of category and type. If you want to categorize your articles in other ways, new fields can easily be added via the settings. Just write a name for the field and select if it should be a text or Yes/No field. That's it! KBase will add the custom field to all articles.
Excel 2013 icon

Export and new sharing options
The development of KBase V3 included a totally new architecture, so it has taken a long time. Therefore we have had time to blog about the news in several earlier articles. First came a general KBase export to Excel feature. SharePoint 2013 iconWe have also told you about what possibilities the new SharePoint sharing option gives to KBase.

Updated documentation

The KBase documentation has of course been updated, and below you are welcome to watch the new presentation video. When you evaluate or upgrade KBase, please also study the KBase user manual. Should you still get problems, we are here to assist you!

I am looking forward to hearing your comments!

By Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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