20 June 2013

Kanban Task Manager For SharePoint Easier To Customize

Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint logotypeDo you like to customize your products so that they fit your organization like a glove? We encourage that, and now we have released an update of Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint that makes it a bit easier.

Created for customization
SharePoint is a very customizable platform. Forms, views and columns can be added and customized. When we build the solutions we attempt not only to add functionality to SharePoint but also maintain as much as possible of the end-user-customization possibilites. That aim will of course make our solutions a bit more complex, but it also allows the users to stay in control.

Drag and drop color coded tasks
Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint is a sandboxed solution for project and task management. It vizualises a workgroup's tasks and projects in a SharePoint page, with color coding for either project or responsible. Tasks can be dragged from one phase and dropped in another one as the work proceeds.
Kanban Task Manager in SharePoint 2013
One Kanban Task Manager site per team
For managers it is convenient to supervise the process when each team has their own subsite and Kanban Task Manager installation. A common navigation makes it easy to go from one subsite to another to see how projects are developing and identify blockers and bottlenecks.

Standard SharePoint lists
SharePoint 2013 iconThe SharePoint lists used with Kanban Task Manager are standard lists that we have given the features suitable for work with projects and tasks.

If you want to customize the lists, for example by adding another column that your organization needs or remove one that is never used, you can do that without problems – as long as you don't remove the specific Kanban Task Manager columns, like Project or Responsible. Kanban Task Manager obviously cannot work without them.

Easier to customize
We took one step towards easier customization when we added a custom column  to Kanban Task Manager. Give a name in the configuration page, and Kanban Task Manager creates a list where you can add the different values. Then this parameter can be added to all tasks, and you can also filter the tasks by it.

With the release of version 1.91 we have taken another step to facilitate customization of Kanban Task Manager. Now users can customize SharePoint more freely without having to worry about risking the functionality of Kanban Task Manager.

The new version of Kanban Task Manager checks if all necessary lists and columns are in place and gives a warning if there is a risk that something in the customization will prevent Kanban Task Manager from working.

Increased performance
During the development of the new version we also made a lot of small tweaks to increase performance of Kanban Task Manager. Our goal has been to minimize the number of times the JavaScript has to ask for data from the SharePoint server. This has made the Kanban Task Manager faster and more stable.

Microsoft Certified Professional logotype
SharePoint tips
Would you like to learn more about how to customize SharePoint in general? Please take a look at the Tips section, where we have gathered tutorials on SharePoint 2010 and 2013. I am a Microsoft certified Trainer, and I also have all available certifications for SharePoint 2010, so my instructions are clear and easy to follow.

Upgrade or try upgrade iconCommunity Members who are already using Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint are welcome to upgrade their installations to get the new functionality check and the increased performance. Upgrades are always included in the subscription, just like the support. download iconHave you not tried Kanban Task Manager yet? Please download Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint and try it for 30 days. The support services are for evaluators too, so you are welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

By Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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