14 June 2013

Folder HelpDesk V13 For Structured Incident Management

Folder HelpDesk logo Two major releases in eight days! I cannot remember that it has ever happened before, but this week the team has really enjoyed the results of hard work. First came KBase V3 last Friday, and today we have released Folder HelpDesk V13.

Issue tracking and user support
Folder HelpDesk is the incident management application for Outlook. It is often used together with our knowledge base KBase, which we released last Friday, and the development of the two products have been going on in parallell.

Reading Pane and Outlook features
Folder HelpDesk V13 incident tickets are standard Outlook post items, and that gives many advantages. One of them is that you can now apply the Reading Pane, so that you get a preview of each ticket below or to the right of the tickets list in Outlook.
Folder HelpDesk in Outlook
When you open a ticket, you can make use of all the Outlook features you use with e-mails. Insert images, spell check and format the tickets before you send the answer to the caller directly from within the ticket.

Skype calls
In some cases it is more convenient to make a call instead of sending an e-mail reply, and in version 13 of Folder HelpDesk you can do that directly from the ticket too.

When a telephone number, Skype name or similar is entered in the Callers list in the Folder HelpDesk settings, this detail will be shown in the ticket with a telephone icon. Click it, and Folder HelpDesk will connect to Skype or any other desktop calling application that supports the callto tag.

Support for 64-bit versions

Outlook 2013 iconFolder HelpDesk V13 supports the 64-bit version of Office 2010 and 2013. This compatibility is not common among Outlook-addons, but the developers want to give users all options.

For most users there is no benefit in using the 64-bit version of Office. Office is not running faster or better, and as I mentioned most applications, smart phones and PDAs do not support the 64-bit version. However, when you work with huge (2GB) record sets and spreadsheets you need the 64-bit version, and therefore we want to give a compatible Folder HelpDesk.

You don't have to worry about whether you have a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Office. Folder HelpDesk V13 will understand what you have installed and use the correct executable files for your PC.

Excel reports
Excel iconIn Folder HelpDesk V13 we have replaced the earlier statistics tool with Excel reports. I have written about these reports in an earlier blog post, Sixteen Excel Reports On Support Team Performance. With these reports you can analyze many aspects on the incident management work.

Many more enhancements
Please have a look at the Folder HelpDesk Revisions page to see a list of all the enhancements and new features. There you will find improvements in the search, attachments handling and more.

Some of the enhancements in version 13 of  Folder HelpDesk have been possible thanks to generous sponsorships from two Community Members, The Swiss Post and Rail Cargo, who both use Folder HelpDesk for their incident management. Community iconI am grateful for your confidence in the team!

Great team work

I also want to thank all members of the team for their dedication and good co-operation. I know you feel as happy as I do, when this hard work has now given us the new versions of KBase and  Folder HelpDesk. And I also appreciate that you are already tackling our next project with the same enthusiasm!

Upgrade or try upgrade iconCommunity Members who are already using Folder HelpDesk for Outlook are welcome to upgrade your installations to get all the new features. I will send you all an e-mail with more info about the upgrade of both products, as most of you use KBase with Folder HelpDesk, but you can also find all information in the updated manuals. download iconHave you not tried Folder HelpDesk yet? Please download the solution and evaluate it for 30 days. Beside the manual there are various video demonstrations to help you get started, and below you can see an introduction to the application.

Should you get problems during the evaluation, please contact us! The team always gives support to evaluators as well as to Community Members. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

By Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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