05 February 2013

Show Live Excel Graphs In SharePoint

Wouldn't it be nice to display a graph over the sales of the month on the homepage of your company intranet and get it updated with fresh data automatically? That is possible with the Microsoft Exel Services.

SharePoint tutorials
The CEO of Business Solutions, Peter Kalmstrom, is a Microsoft certified SharePoint specialist, and he has shared his in depth knowledge in a number of video demonstrations. Each of these tutorials have its own page in the Tips section of the website, and they can also be found on YouTube. After the SharePoint 2010 demonstrations Peter has now started a series of tutorials on SharePoint 2013.
Excel graph in SharePoint
Excel features in SharePoint
With the the Microsoft Excel Services you can upload, calculate and display Excel workbooks on a  SharePoint site, and when you update the file in Excel it will be updated in SharePoint also. This way analysts or engineers can create and maintain an Excel spreadsheet and share the data with others via SharePoint without writing code.

The Excel file can be placed in a shared document library, and often it is an advantage to visualize the information in a graph too. Excel features like filtering and drilling may be used in SharePoint also, so the data can be manipulated in many ways.

Demos for two SharePoint versions

Earlier Peter has recorded a tutorial that shows how to integrate an Excel graph in SharePoint 2010, and now there is one for SharePoint 2013 too. I have placed both here below.

You can also find the two videos in the Tips section, together with an overview of the contents of the demos, one page for using Excel Services with SharePoint 2010 and another one for using Excel Services with SharePoint 2013. You are welcome to choose the one that suits you!

SharePoint 2013:

SharePoint 2010: