15 January 2013

Another Prince For

Jitendra Patidar imageSaturday was a happy day for the whole team, as our senior developer Jitu Patidar and his wife Rashmi had their first baby.

Both parents developers
Jitu and Rashmi are both developers, and they met at work and married three years ago. I came to know Jitu when he begun working with the products on the 1 of May 2012, and not long after that he told us that his wife was expecting a child.

Punctual baby
When Jitu said he would be on paternity leave next week because the baby was due on the 13th of January we joked with him and said that more experienced people knew that babies seldom arrive on the expected day.

Well, this little one did not either, but very near, just one day early! And as you see he is already curiously looking out on the world around him.
Baby Patidar Photo
Skype message
After Jitu had informed that he could not come to work Saturday morning because he had to take his wife to the hospital, we were all eager for more news. It took a few hours, but then we did not have to wait any longer.

Skype emoticonsLead developer Jayant Rimza gave us the message in the Skype chat we use for information to all team members: "Got call from Jitu, and he is blessed with a baby boy!" As you can imagine there were many happy emoticons in the chat after that!

In smaller groups the Indian team members went to the hospital to see the little boy and his happy parents. The Swedish team members could not do that, so we had to content ourselves with sending our well wishes with a big bouquet of flowers.
Rashmi Patidar Photo
Jitu on leave
Jitu Patidar is responsible for the Support Services, but users and evaluators of the applications don't have to worry. Sigge, Vipul and Jayant will be here for you, and there is no problem for Sigge to take over the responsibility temporarily. He was the responsible earlier, before we decided to put a developer in that position instead.

New life
Now a new stage of life has begun for Rashmi and Jitu - because life is never the same after you have had a child. The team wishes them and their son all the best for the future and send them our warmest congratulations!

Maybe you wonder why I use "another prince" in the title? Last year Jayant had his first child soon after the Swedish crown princess had a daughter, and then I wrote about it in a blog post called "A prince for". Now we have two small baby princes, two nearly grownup princes (Peter's sons) and princess Elsa, Peter's daughter!

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