25 January 2013

3D In Future Apps?

Sonal Desai photo The team has a new member, graphic and web designer Sonal Desai. She is an ambitious girl, so each evening after work she studies 3D techniques.

Sonal grew up in the city of Guna in central India. First she aimed for a different career, so she moved to Indore to study biotechnology and completed her degree in 2009.

Change of plans
However, Sonal changed her career plans. She decided that she wanted a future where she could make use of and develop her interest in art and design. After new studies in this field she worked for other companies as a concept and storyboard artist, as a game, graphics and web designer and also as a Wordpress developer, before she joined the team.

Tips page and Excel reports
I have already told you about one of Sonal's tasks, the new homepage of the Tips section. Another task has been to make a nicer default design for our Excel reports. These reports were introduced with Kanban Task Manager, and they are also used in the latest version of Calendar Browser, our resource booking tool for Outlook. Excel report graph
We plan to add Excel reports to all applications, so a good design will benefit many users. The old design was not bad, but it was a bit dull because enhancing the design was not our highest priority at that time. Now when we have a second designer we can take better care of the visual impression our applications give.

Sonal's closest family are her parents, sister and brother, and this is how she describes herself: "I am really honest when I see myself. This is the best part of my character, and it keeps me confident". I notice this confidence when I work together with Sonal. It is a nice kind of self-reliance that we all appreciate.

Sonal likes to sketch, and below you can see one of her drawings, "Person behind paper".
3D studies
In the evenings Sonal continues to expand her skills, and we hope to soon be able to take advantage of her knowledge of Autodesk 3ds Max, which is a software for three-dimensional models, animations and images. It will be interesting to see how we can best make use it!

Together with the rest of the team I welcome Sonal Desai to Business Solutions. You will be an asset to us, Sonal, and I am sure users of the products will appreciate the enhancement your work will give them!

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