02 September 2012

MetaData Creator Becomes Document Tagger

Document Tagger logotypeI have already told you about the new application for tagging documents in SharePoint libraries that is under development at Business Solutions. In those blog posts I called the software MetaData Creator, but now we have decided to give it another name: Document Tagger. We also have a new icon, and in the demo below Peter describes a new feature: how to tag multiple files in a SharePoint document library with keywords.

Document managing in SharePoint 2010
SharePoint 2007 introduced important document management infrastructures and enabled users to apply structure and management to their document libraries, and in SharePoint 2010 those features are enhanced and reinforced. One of the main principles in the document management of SharePoint 2010 is the use of metadata, but tagging documents with keywords and other metadata is a time consuming task. Therefore it is often skipped because of lack of time. This is a pity, because tagging your SharePoint library documents gives you a lot of benefits.

Better search is just one of the advantages
The most obvious benefit of tagging documents is probably the improved search capability. But there is more! For example you can create SharePoint views and forms using tags.  Document Tagger already comes with a custom form that displays all documents within a site that are tagged.
Document Tagger keyword suggestions
Do the fun stuff only
The Document Tagger does the tedious job and leaves the final decisions about the document tagging to you. The application analyses the document and suggests a number of keywords to be tagged to it. Your job is to review the suggestions and uncheck the ones you don't want and then hit the Save button to save them. Before that you may of course also add your own tags if you want to tag it with some metadata that cannot be extracted from the document itself - or  if you think Document Tagger has missed something (but it seldom does).

I hope you like the new Document Tagger graphics! They include small icons for different categories of suggested tags, so that it will be easier to identify them and see if they are relevant or not. In the Document Tagger icon the designer has used the hashtag symbol on a document to explain what it is all about.

Tag multiple files
The latest development of Document Tagger has added the features to tag .pptx files as well as .docx and to tag many documents at the same time. This is shown in the demo below by the CEO, Peter Kalmström, who is a Microsoft certified SharePoint expert.

Peter still wants to give Document Tagger some additional features before we release it, but if you are are waiting for a possibility to use this helpful application, you should not have to wait too long. Sometimes during the last part of 2012 we plan to release Document Tagger. I will keep you posted, and you are welcome to contact us for any queries you might have about this new software. On the Document Tagger homepage new information will be added gradually. Are you interested in reading the earlier blog post about this product? Just make a search for MetaData in the Search field here to the right, and you will find them.

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